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It's Almost Spring! Be on the Look Out for these Jewelry Trends this Spring

It's Almost Spring! Be on the Look Out for these Jewelry Trends this Spring

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Isn’t spring all about freshness and new beginnings? Seems like our favorite designer labels remembered this at the recent fashion weeks in London and Paris, and we had a chance to witness the latest jewelry to watch out for in spring 2018.  

We've put together a quick list of on trend items that we're seeing break out from hibernation and just in time for Spring.


Transparent Water Drop Earrings 

Waterdrop EarringsTransparent water drop earrings were a big success at the runaway, and are already in a massive demand in the market. Rainwear and swimwear PVC drop earrings in pagan-inspired designs are being predicted by designers to stay in style under the end of summer 2018, and are guaranteed to add a dose of freshness to any look. Apart from earringsPVC pendants and rings are also expected to become a huge rage this season. 


Architectural Shapes 

Gold Kinetic EarringsKinetic jewelry trends are all set to take the market by storm in Spring 2018, with architectural shapes and geometrical patterns ruling the runway. Earrings and pendants in dynamic designs, zigzag lines and intricate twisted shapes are here to stay, given the fact that such pieces add an unmatched vigor to even the dullest of outfits.  


Chandeliers on Your Ears 

Why hang them when you can wear them appeared to be the motivation behind the recent fashion weeks of the season! Instead of swinging from ceilings, big chandeliers in gold and diamonds were seen dazzling on ears on the runway. From single delicacies to multi-layered exquisiteness, chandelier earrings are all the bling you need in Spring 2018. 


Cuff Bracelets 

Cuff BraceletFrom Cleopatra to Coco Chanel, cuff bracelets have been the ornamental garb of many iconic women. And now they are set to take over the runway with all their rebellious glory. From a single, wide gold bracelet, similar to the one adorned by Wonder Woman to multiple strands of antique silver,cuff bracelets make for a powerful statement piece, and are an ideal choice for a woman who wishes to conquer the world with her elegance. 


Gold Isn’t Old 

Gold Diamond NecklaceAnd lastly, gold never gets old. The timelessness and versatility of gold was proven on the runway in recent fashion weeks when almost all of the top designer labels featuregold pieces, from necklaces, earrings, to bracelets, chokers and even hair barrettes and fedora ribbons. 


With so many new trends and so many beautiful pieces available are many more styles and forward fashion trends out there, we can't list them all. So ladies, what trends are you seeing out there in your city?

Let us know in the comments and as always, Live a Colorful Life!


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